Last minute details and everything you need in one handy place.

Start Location: 1435 Stoney Point Rd, Roopville, GA 30170
Note: Google maps puts you out in the middle of a field, which is incorrect. See the map below

Parking: Also see below map. We will have two places to park. Parking Spot One, which is where the start finish will be. Parking Spot Two which is just up the main road and very close. We will most likely be alternating between the two spots to help keep traffic on the street at a minimum. Please be looking out for volunteers directing you into these two locations. Please go where they tell you. If you have a truck, all-wheel drive or 4×4, you will most likely be parking in Spot One and back in the original parking location. With all the rain, we had to be a little creative.

Please be patient and arrive a few minutes early than you originally thought to make sure we can get you in with time to get ready. We will be ready for you by 8:00am

Start Time: 10:00am EST, please be at the start finish area by 9:50 for a few last minute details and a moment of silence for the people of Ukraine and my unfortunate timing of a ride name ;(

Dogs: One last reminder that you are in farm country and there are dogs on the route. Most of these dogs are fat and slow, or small and slow and bark at you from wherever they lie. However, there are a few young and spry that will come out towards the road. I have NEVER had any problems with any of these dogs. They bark and they run, but so far none have been a problem. This will be the first time that any of them will see this many bikes. Please do not panic if a dog comes out, please do not deviate from your line, please do not spray them with water, yell, or throw things at them. All that does is piss them off. Please, please, please. Most “Dog” incidents happen from someone swerving and crashing out another rider.

There is a blue healer, I call Buddy that will run with us at mile 14.3 to 14.7, I think he lives at both farms. He does not bark. At mile 14.5 when you get to the end of the gravel road that turns to pavement, Buddy will urge you to keep going as there is a house at that corner with a lot of dogs that ARE ALL FENCED IN, but they do like to make a ruckus, just keep going until the next intersection to take a break in peace if you need one.

I’ve said this in the description of both rides, but I’ll say it again. If you have a fear of dogs, this might not be the best ride for you. Most of the dogs are roughly between mile 8 and mile 20ish. There could be goats on the road around mile 13.

Road Conditions: I road the worst of it Thursday night and everything is in pretty good shape. There, however, are some rutted out sections on the downhills. The ruts have just been cut in by all the rain, and with how few vehicles go onto these roads, they’re not really “rounded over” yet and can be pretty harsh. Take the downhills with some caution on the Alabama side.

You will know when you are in Alabama and when you’re in Georgia. So just keep telling yourself that you’ll be in Georgia soon enough. However, most of all the awesome views are on the Alabama side so make sure to look up at times to see it.

At mile 9, you go straight onto 446 (there is a road closed sign laying on its side) At the bottom of that paved pothole road is another sign and a large mound of dirt. Walk over that and continue. It’s pretty muddy and slick.

Creek Crossing: This is only for the 60-mile route, but if you want to see it, or ride it, on the 30 you can easily enough from the aid stop. Just turn right, go down the hill about a half-mile, ride it and come back up. I will be riding it along with anyone else who wants to join me. If you don’t, just continue straight from the aid stop on route 112 to the stop sign, turn right towards Prospect Church and just stay on the road, it will turn into gravel just past the church. Just be warned this road is not in good shape and the hill coming back out of the bridge is a b*tch. See map below

After Party: Barman and our volunteers will be cooking away after you leave. Burgers, Dogs, Jambalaya and my buddy Jacob, not Buddy the dog, will be bringing smoked pulled pork. Chips, drinks, etc also.

Swag: All the swag will be given out once the 60-milers get back. We have swag from Outback bikes, tshirts from me, and some cool beer mugs made by Jason Cromier who will be leading the 35-mile option.