The Weather


Predicting the weather is about as reliable as college-Wayne’s ‘81 Datsun 210 making it from St. Louis to Davenport without stranding him on I-55 for hours with a 60/40 shot at making it to family supper. Atlanta weather is no different, but the good news is that truly horrible weather is rare here. Per the law of averages, we have a 69% chance the day will be dry, with an average low of 41° and high of 57°. Of course, that leaves a 31% chance that rain may fall that day, or the ground will turn to lava, or half an inch of snow* will bring the entire city to a grinding halt. Unlikely, perhaps, but technically possible.

What can we predict? There’s a nearly 110% chance it’ll become a story you’ll tell with a smile rain or shine, because the most epic days are sometimes the nastiest.


Fog, Rain, Mist, Clouds - Low 55°, High 63° = We're still hearing stories

2023 Border Wars with Elanor
Border Wars 2023 in the rain, but still smiling


Cloudy to Partly Sunny- Low 48°, High 72 °= About as perfect as can be

2022 Border Wars weather
2022 Border Wars with the Arctic Kittens

*It is worth noting that Snowpocalypse 2014 only happened once; it was actually over two inches of snow; it was at the end of January, not February; the GDOT shortcomings that led to it have since been entirely corrected; and it didn’t affect Heard County anyway…but still, nothing’s impossible, right?

Be prepared.
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