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100 Miles of Hell

Hell is fun. Right?!? So maybe not hell, but it wouldn’t be Border Wars without featuring a full 50/50 blend of the craziest gravel in GA and AL. We’re talking 8,000 feet of climbing and 40-ish gravel segments, including all the dirt, sand, gravel and streams you can handle. This is a rough-riding adventure with limited SAG support, soul-crushing time cuts, and the kind of field limits that guarantee you plenty of alone time to appreciate the scenery. We fully admit it’s not for everyone, and that’s no accident. To finish is an accomplishment. To win cements your name among the best of the best. You’ll love how much you hate this ride. 

All the Details

Start Location: Franklin, GA
Date: Feb. 24, 2024
Start Time: 8:00am
Field Limit: 200
Distance: 100-MILES
Estimated Completion: 6:00pm (10mph avg)
Difficulty: Difficult

Post Ride Food: Soups, chili, burgers, hotdogs and a few other things, including vegetarian options. There will also be a variety of beverage options. When you register, please let us know whether you plan on staying and if you’re vegetarian or not, as this gives us a rough head count for food.

Hell Brought to you By

Border Wars Kit
One of several kits from 2023. This year's kits using Eliel will be killer.

If you’re serious enough to kill this route, you may want the custom-branded Border Wars kit to prove it. (You can place an order at registration or purchase on event day.)

Thanks to Eliel, this is the best-looking and best-fitting gear you’ll ever wear. Their cycling apparel gets every detail right, with passionate designers, high-tech manufacturing and top-of-the-line materials that amount to bibs and jerseys you’ll forget you’re even wearing. Plus—and we can’t overstate this—the Border Wars kit has cows on it. More about Eliel Cycling Gear >

100-Mile Route

This is a rough version of the 2024 route. There is a bridge that just became out towards the beginning of all the routes that we are working to resolve. More information will become available as we work with the county, and or, find a different solution. Even if the route were to stay like this, it’s a killer route that retains the 50/50 GA/AL mix and still at 70% gravel.