MTB Atlanta is near and dear to our hearts, so this year we will be making a donation to them to build more trails in Atlanta – specifically Sykes Park. Barman and I are looking at creating a Thursday race series there at some point soon. To do that, we will need to do a little house cleaning of the current trails and start focusing on the Phase Three build we have planned. Phase three will be a flow section of trail on the other side of the South Camp Creek fork that will add much-needed milage while giving you a little break from the constant up and down that is Sykes. We’ll have more information on that soon, but I figure we need at least $10k to finish everything. So with that said, Border Wars will be donating 10% of registration and 100% of the profit from selling the below two limited editions, limited run t-shirts. I designed them – I’m not just a talented potter – and they are of Buddy the Blue Heeler. Buddy has been a part of Border Wars since our first discovery ride almost six years ago and has been running alongside us since. They’re pretty bad-ass IMO. Hopefully, I’m not the only one who thinks so. More information will be coming about the limited edition tees, but for now, get yourself registered (Registration opens Dec. 12th, for our Feb. 25th event) knowing that you’re 1.) signing up for an awesome ride and 2.) giving back to a great cause.

Limited run shirt designs.

Colors and placement of design is approximate.
Kanji roughly translates to “Interstate Bike Race” and Buddies color translates to “Friend”