Gravel Cycling Etiquette.

¬†Gravel riding is becoming increasingly popular and quickly becoming the fastest-growing market. With the increase in ridership comes a lot of new excitement, but, at times, it comes with a few new bumps in the road. We’re not going talk about how to ride on gravel, as that’s been written about a good bit. Bicycling […]

Training Rides

Independent Gravel Training Rides

How is your training coming? Atlanta(ish) peeps are you getting bored with Dirty Sheets, Haralson, Murder Creek? Here’s a few new ideas in and around Fulton, Heard, Carroll, & Randolph Counties that we have put together for you. This is a small collection that is growing each day, so check back often. We’re also working […]

I need a new gravel bike

If you’ve been around the block as a cyclist, you’ve often been asked, “I’m just starting out; what’s a good bike for me [wife-daughter-son-family].” Typically there’s a follow-up around affordability, then the quantifier of Road, Mountain, Triathlon, Track, Commuter, or now Gravel. Affordable is paradoxical. The budget of one person will be vastly different from […]