BWGA is only in its third year, but we’re already generating some buzz in the gravel world. While we have a ways to go to play fully with the big boys, we’re patient and will happily grow at a level at which we can attain our high standards. We’ll have 400 riders coming to the […]

2024 BWGA Kit Designs

We’re excited to showcase our new kit designs for the upcoming Border Wars Gravel Adventure. We’ve partnered with Eliel this year, who is celebrating their 10th year. We are super stoked to be working with them as we feel their quality and it is some of the best you can get. The Eliel Team Store […]

Gravel Cycling Etiquette.

¬†Gravel riding is becoming increasingly popular and quickly becoming the fastest-growing market. With the increase in ridership comes a lot of new excitement, but, at times, it comes with a few new bumps in the road. We’re not going talk about how to ride on gravel, as that’s been written about a good bit. Bicycling […]

Ride Notes. All the Details

Good afternoon Border Wars Gravel Adventure Riders Well, this is it; the time is here. Border Wars is happening this Saturday. So here are all the details you need to know. Please read the entire email, so you fully understand what is going on and why. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. There will be no day of registration […]

Training Rides

Independent Gravel Training Rides

How is your training coming? Atlanta(ish) peeps are you getting bored with Dirty Sheets, Haralson, Murder Creek? Here’s a few new ideas in and around Fulton, Heard, Carroll, & Randolph Counties that we have put together for you. This is a small collection that is growing each day, so check back often. We’re also working […]

2023 BWGA Kit Designs

We’re excited to showcase our new kit designs for the upcoming Border Wars Gravel Adventure. The Jakroo team store is now open until January 13. We will be doing two different kit orders. The first should be the most affordable option and will guarantee they arrive well before the start of the event. All orders […]

I need a new gravel bike

If you’ve been around the block as a cyclist, you’ve often been asked, “I’m just starting out; what’s a good bike for me [wife-daughter-son-family].” Typically there’s a follow-up around affordability, then the quantifier of Road, Mountain, Triathlon, Track, Commuter, or now Gravel. Affordable is paradoxical. The budget of one person will be vastly different from […]

Donation to MTB Atlanta

MTB Atlanta is near and dear to our hearts, so this year we will be making a donation to them to build more trails in Atlanta – specifically Sykes Park. Barman and I are looking at creating a Thursday race series there at some point soon. To do that, we will need to do a […]

Tomorrow we ride

Last minute details and everything you need in one handy place. Start Location: 1435 Stoney Point Rd, Roopville, GA 30170Note: Google maps puts you out in the middle of a field, which is incorrect. See the map below Parking: Also see below map. We will have two places to park. Parking Spot One, which is where […]

A little rain this week.

Here’s the email I sent to the registered riders so you have additional access to it. First. We are holding the event no matter what. At this point it is too late to back out. All the bags of chips I promised have been purchased already. =) Rain, mud, and a creek: The area has received about […]