We’re excited to showcase our new kit designs for the upcoming Border Wars Gravel Adventure. The Jakroo team store is now open until January 13. We will be doing two different kit orders. The first should be the most affordable option and will guarantee they arrive well before the start of the event. All orders will be charged and placed at the same time; the more orders, the greater the discount. Check the team store for all the details.

To order and find out more click here <<< TEAM STORE >>>

The second option will start on January 14 and will stay open until March. It typically takes two weeks to get your order. The second store will be for individual purchases at a set price. More on that later.

Now on to the designs:
I hope you like purple… well… and blue! Honestly, I’m a little nervous, but I’ll be cool if I end up the only one wearing them. Most designs use a very dark purple and a dark navy blue base with rich vivid colors over them. All the designs are meant to be mixed or matched.

(The below links are clickable to enlarge and zoom in, or just go the team store to really be able to zoom in on the graphics.)

BWGA Grape Race Jersey

The main kit design using an all dark purple base that fades from purple to raspberry to orange on the backs and sides. This is a high performance lightweight jersey that comes in standard and slim fits, in both men and women cuts.

BWGA Navy & Grape Pro Bib

The main base of this bib is a dark navy, with the sides fading from dark blue to dark purple with rural-themed graphics on either side of the legs. High-end fabrics and premium chamois comes in short(er) and standard lengths and cuts for men and women. (I have a 30″ inseam, and I prefer the shorter length… but I’m old, and I guess not with the times)

BWGA Navy & Grape Cargo Bibs

Dark navy base with dark purple sides (it does not fade like the pro bib) and same rural graphics on the side. It has the same fabrics and chamois as the pro bib but comes with two side pockets and a rear pouch.

BWGA Navy & Grape MTB Short

I’ve never worn these before, and the design is a pretty experimental, but I will be ordering a pair to hit all the sweet MTB Atlanta trails. Dark navy base throughout, using a Dark purple at the top. Instead of the gradient band like the others, we used stripes to bring out the same rural theme as the others.

BWGA Raspberry & Grape Club Jersey

I originally started concepting Borders Wars designs around the idea of “Rural Graffiti”, which is where the brighter colors, the, large sun, bright cow and Buddy the Blue Heeler came from. This design uses a rich raspberry color for the top and transitions to the dark purple and orange. Something different. I’m sure this one’s not for everyone. The jersey uses Jakroo’s more affordable club material but still comes in a standard and slim cut, in both men and women fits.

Buddy InTown Button-up Shirt

A classic work shirt design – lightweight – wicking performance – that comes with a back zippered pocket. To keep with the work shirt theme, we started with a light blue base and added all the fun over top. Say. “Hi” to Buddy the Blue Heeler and his buddies. Fun shirt, perfect for MTB’ing, in-town rides, and, of course, Border Wars.

BWGA Grape Cycling Hat

Classic cycling cap using the dark purple as the base.
Comes with Buddy on the back, so he can run along beside you any time of the year besides at Border Wars.

Here’s the link again to oder and read more about cut, fit and materials.

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