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why homegrown
gravel adventure

For those of us who pine for the wild days of independent gravel cycling, for all who miss the sense of community we used to get from being part of an event that belonged to itself and not The Man, Homegrown is bringing it all back in style.

With just one nominal entry fee, a portion of which supports local charity, this rare event gives you two—count ‘em—two distinct types of gravel roads in one ride, and both are a blast.

We’re inviting you to kick off 2025 the only way that makes any sense: tired and dirty, with a big bowl of chili, surrounded by a bunch of cycling-obsessed weirdos just like you. Warm up for the long gravel season ahead by choosing your intensity from our three equally gorgeous route options (30, 62, 100) that hug the border of Alabama and Georgia

Speaking of warming up, locals already know what we’re talking about, but if you’re reading this from the wicked tundra north of Tennessee, get the hell out of the cold and join us! Our worst-ever weather is still, like, one thousand times better than whatever February hellscape you’re dealing with up there. Hop an easy flight into the world’s most efficient airport, take a scenic hour’s ride south, and you won’t even have to eat each other to survive!


This was seriously the most fun I have ever had in my life.

– Helen, winner of last year's 75

(Note from us: Granted she has a lot of life left, but we'll take it)

This was the best course I have ever raced.

– Pete, third place 75

I wanted to thank you for one of my favorite days on a bike ever! Everything about the race was wonderful – the course, volunteers, gps file, pre-ride emails, photographers, post-ride meal, beers and swag.

– Becca, 45-mile ride

located 4o-miles south of Atlanta in beautiful

Downtown Franklin

We are proud to continue our partnership with the City of Franklin, Georgia, for 2025. Franklin is the county seat of Heard County, an hour south of Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, and within 15-miles of most major hotel chains. Franklin is home to 1,000 residents with a vibrant downtown, a large community park along the river – perfect for camping – and a Covered Arena with RV facilities – including water and electric hook-up. Franklin is, best of all, adjacent to hundreds of miles of gravel along the Georgia/Alabama line.